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We get it. You’re young and retirement feels like a million years away, so superannuation is not something you’re even thinking about. Why would you? It’s not like you need it right now, it’s just sitting there in your super fund, and you don’t even get to touch it… or can you?

A common myth is that superannuation doesn’t affect you now. But it does – from how much you pay in tax, to saving for your first home. And what you do with your superannuation now has a huge impact on your future life and ability to take care of yourself when you need it most.

Doing small things now can make a huge difference in the amount of dollars you get in your pocket. In fact, just switching to a lower-fee, higher-performing fund can get the average woman $120,000* more in their superannuation. And we can do that for you. Here’s how:

5 steps to make your future fierce.

Inside your super savings report.

  • Dollars in super today

  • Dollars at retirement if you do nothing

  • Dollars at retirement if you pick a better fund

Independent advice. Always.

Our advice is completely unbiased. Your report is based on decades of financial expertise and data on the fees and performance of every superannuation fund in Australia. We will never get kickbacks or commission from superannuation funds that we recommend, because our mission is to help you – not the funds!

Super Fund
Super Fund

Ready to switch? We’ll handle the icky admin.

Small fee, big rewards

A one-off fee of $499.95 inc GST to handle a serious amount of admin, in exchange for a serious amount of super savings.

Choose how you pay

Once you decide to switch, you can pay from your superannuation, or by card, it’s totally up to you!

Your dollars doing good

For every superannuation switch we do, Super Fierce donates 10% to help Aussie women in need. It’s a win-win-win!

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Unbiased advice. We’re not a bank or super fund and we don’t earn commissions.

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Unbiased, digital super advice to find the best fund for you. So you can dream big.

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Ask us to switch your super, leave it as is, see an adviser or change it yourself. Your choice.