Money. Life. Rebellion.

We’ve got you.

Sisterhood is snort laughing over one too many wines. It’s long lunches and road trips and always having someone to go to the bathroom with. It’s being vulnerable. Open hearts and angry tears. It’s knowing that, even though we’re different in so many ways, someone always has your back. Unconditional love. Unwavering support. It’s building each other up. It’s getting it done, even though it’s bloody hard. It’s coming together. To learn, to share, to inspire. It’s knowing that if your sisters are doing well, the world does well.

So, get curious. Learn something new. Share it with your sisters, your brothers, your children, your lovers. Get inspired. Get creative. Get making. Get doing.

Now, get out there and kick money’s butt.

About Keith Moore

Lifelong technology lover. Conspiracy theorist and security nut. The only one to ever say that Craig’s algorithms are ‘just simple maths’, Keith’s superpower is using data, numbers and code, to create digital products which make life better. Having worked with some of the most security conscious financial institutions in Australia (secret squirrel business so we can’t say who), he applies a laser focus to ensure Super Fierce is even more secure than Alcatraz. Another gruff ball of love, this Englishman is passionate about making a difference, and using his craft to change the world.
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