Fall in Love With Future You

If there’s just one thing you should do this year it’s … take up a new hobby? … go all Marie Kondo on your wardrobe? … learn a new language? Nope! It’s time to get up close and personal with Future You.

Sometimes it’s a full time job falling in love with – and staying in love with Today You. But today you’ve got time. Future You doesn’t have that luxury and she’s relying on you.

Struggling to cosy on up to the future?

We all have those days when we wish the lighting in the bathroom wasn’t quite so good. And wonder why we thought a full length mirror in the bedroom was a great idea. Or we look back with regret at long summers without sunscreen. But you wouldn’t hate on your friends if they put on a bit of weight, forgot to get their roots touched up, or you noticed that the laugh lines around their eyes were deeper. Right?

We love our friends and our Mum just as much, no matter how they change on the outside. So why would you go all mean girl on that sweet older lady with the cheeky glint in her eye?  You are gorgeous, in every size, light, mood, and at every age. No amount of botox, meditation or kale smoothies can stop the hands of time, so even though Future You will look different on the outside, inside you’ll still feel exactly like YOU.

Give yourself a break. Be kind. Get comfortable with you today, and then think about the life you wish to lead. How do you want to feel at the end of each year? And at the dawn of each new decade? Those moments are coming, like it not.

You get to choose. Dream about the life you’ll be leading and then just bloody make it happen. We promise that you can. It’s time to get up close, and comfortable, with the future version of you.

Simple steps to ageing well

  1. Spend less | Save more
  2. Eat less | Move more
  3. Worry less | Laugh more

And sort out your super.

We know we keep banging on about it, but after all, we are a business designed to help you to save on your super. And we know that tiny changes you make today can add up to more than just small change in future.

It can be hard to care about your super when you’ve got today’s problems to grapple with. As well as the distractions of fun things that feel soooo good! And you probably don’t want to crystal ball an image of Future You with wrinkles that you can’t do anything about. But here’s a super-duper important news flash …

Inevitably, you will become that person. In fact, you are becoming her! And after a long life of living, loving, laughing and working hard, you will have earned the right to choose how you want to live. But to truly have that freedom of choice you need to retire with more cash. And when the average woman can save over $100,000 in unnecessary super fees over her lifetime, just by consolidating today into a lower-cost fund, it’s a no-brainer.

There are no guarantees, but investing 5 minutes now to see how much you might be able to save seems like a good use of your time.

Does $100,000 worth of worry-relief sound good?

Saving on fees is just the start. Once you have that under control, there are many small and simple steps you can take to create a brighter future. We have lots of ideas to share with you, but for now let’s focus on this simple message:

You are gorgeous, both today and in the future. And you deserve all the good things. 

So consider this as self-care. Make a few simple changes today, so that you can worry less, have more choice and live happily ever after. Because the one thing you can rely on is that you’ll be with yourself to the very end.

Don’t put your future on the back burner. The earlier you start preparing for your retirement the better you will be. And Future You will send you a big kiss!

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