Terms of Engagement

The Fierce Handshake

You’ve told us you want to make a change to your super and you’d like to use our Super Concierge Service to do this. That’s awesome! Before we can get to work on this, we need you to officially put us in charge of that process and confirm that you understand what’s involved. That’s what this document is all about.

The Parties


Okay, so this is pretty obvious! But for clarity’s sake, this refers to you, the person who engaged with Super Fierce by completing an online form, activating your digital account and reviewing your customised Fierce Super Savings Report & Statement of Advice (nice work, by the way!)


Super Fierce Pty Ltd is referred to as ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’.  Super Fierce holds copyright over the contents of the Super Fierce Platform, which is described below, unless indicated otherwise.

The Super Fierce Platform is comprised of the public website, all integrated technology, content, plus the backend superannuation calculator and consolidation platform. All components, individually and collectively, are owned and operated by Super Fierce Pty Ltd (“Super Fierce”) ACN 632 423 575. AFSL Authorised Representative No. 001283307. BR Advice Pty Ltd (ACN 612 056 523), holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 488655 which is licensed to provide limited personal financial advice services, general advice about insurance and deal in superannuation.

Conditions of Use

When you chose to use the Super Fierce Platform in order to request, access and review your customised Fierce Super Savings Report and Statement of Advice, including completing digital forms, providing your personal information and activating your Super Fierce account, you accepted these Terms and Conditions which are publicly available on our website.

In providing your Tax File Number (TFN), you gave Super Fierce Pty Ltd permission to use your TFN for superannuation purposes. These purposes include using Australian Taxation Office (ATO) services, SuperMatch and SuperStream, to find information about your superannuation including current account details, lost or inactive accounts in your name, creating a new superannuation account, and actioning your consolidation or switch requests.

Authority to Act

This document is a formal declaration that you authorise Super Fierce to act on your behalf to manage agreed changes to your superannuation. This authority includes, but is not limited to, the following:

You hereby grant Super Fierce permission to:

  • Obtain and view details regarding your superannuation fund account/s;
  • Provide instruction to the fund/s Trustee/s including the establishment of your selected ‘to fund’ and setting up default insurance in your new superannuation fund;
  • Open a temporary superannuation account to manage the consolidation process using the online superannuation platform; and
  • Subtract from your superannuation the agreed Super Concierge Service Fee displayed in your customised Fierce Super Savings Report and Statement of Advice.

You acknowledge that:

  • The agreed Super Concierge Service Fee will be subtracted from your super balance before the consolidated funds are transferred to your nominated new superannuation fund; and
  • You understand that by choosing to pay this fee from your superannuation fund today, that it will reduce your ultimate retirement balance.

Your acceptance of these terms includes the following declarations:

  • I have read and understood the information provided in the relevant superannuation fund/s Product Disclosure Statement/s;
  • I declare that I understand the impact of Rollover Requests, including the potential loss of insurance benefits;
  • I declare that I understand that unless I instruct otherwise, that Super Fierce will opt into the default insurance in my new super fund on my behalf; and
  • I declare that I have agreed that Super Fierce is authorised to act on my behalf, to deduct fees from my fund account/s as indicated above and give permission for the Trustee to give effect to these changes.

In proceeding to click on the ‘Switch My Super’ button in your digital Statement of Advice, you acknowledge that you have accepted these terms, understand these declarations, and confirm that you have granted Super Fierce with the Authority to Act on your behalf.

If you do not agree with any part of these Terms of Engagement and do not authorise Super Fierce to act on your behalf, you must stop using the Super Fierce Platform immediately and close your Customer Account, if you have one.