Quiet brag…

Our awesome team.

Fierce Love, Hugs and Wine sums us up.

We know what we’re doing, and we’ll have the tough conversations. Because we know it matters. That’s the fierce love. But life is hard, and hugs help. We’re ready to cheer you on, and help you celebrate the small moments and big wins.

The Fierce Crew. Finance experts with heart.

Trenna Probert
Trenna ProbertFounder | CEO
Inventor. Creator. Rainmaker. Champion of people’s right to succeed on their own terms. Powerful with freedom. Up with the sun full of optimism.

Trenna is a tireless innovator and experienced entrepreneur after starting multiple businesses including one exit. She’s passionate about people and fluent in finance after nearly three decades working in financial services.

Trenna is fiercely determined to empower Australians to age with dignity, and women to control their financial future. Vivacious, bright and intense, Trenna left her last corporate gig as Head of Strategy APAC for Macquarie Private Bank to focus on building social enterprises which will bring her vision to life.

She’s all about creating change. Meaningful change. Except when it comes to champagne. Champagne doesn’t need to change a thing.

Craig Swanger
Craig SwangerCo-Founder | Investments
Heart of an innovator. Mind of an economist. Soul of a philanthropist.

Craig has decades of experience, across 14 countries, building financial products, leading investment teams and managing billions of dollars. After 15 years at Macquarie Bank, which culminated in the combined roles of Chief Global Investment Officer and Chief Innovation Office, he now balances his executive role with 3 Non Executive Director roles with Australia’s leading fintechs.

He’s the serious guy, although he claims he isn’t as grumpy as he looks! Craig is the beautiful mind behind the algorithm that powers the Super Fierce calculator, a vital source of insights into the superannuation industry and the ultimate financial services translator.

His skill at translating numbers into stories to empower consumers and investors is the stuff of legends.

Keith Moore
Keith MooreCo-Founder | Technology
Lifelong technology lover. Conspiracy theorist and security nut.

The only one to ever say that Craig’s algorithms are ‘just simple maths’, Keith’s superpower is using data, numbers and code, to create digital products which make life better. Having worked with some of the most security conscious financial institutions in Australia (secret squirrel business so we can’t say who), he applies a laser focus to ensure Super Fierce is even more secure than Fort Knox.

Another gruff ball of love, this Englishman is passionate about making a difference, and using his craft to change the world.

Kimberlee Brown
Kimberlee BrownCustomer Happiness & Ops
Logical. Strategic. Entrepreneurial. This numbers girl always has a creative side hustle on the go.

Let’s be real, finance folk aren’t renowned for being creative wunderkids, or beacons of bantering brilliance. Kimberlee breaks that mould with vivacious enthusiasm! Her Commerce and Law degrees led to a super impressive career as a results-driven superannuation, accounting and finance exec here and abroad.

A self-described multi-tasking maniac, Kimberlee handles everything with fierce enthusiasm and warm, unwavering humour. She’s our customer service and ops guru, determined to demystify super and have a damn good time along the way.

Chat to Kimberlee and bask in her sunshine. Ask her about show tunes, books, podcasts or TV shows and she’ll be all over it. But do NOT ask her to mind your indoor plants … too much enthusiasm is not always a good thing.

Gemma Mitchell
Gemma MitchellCoaching & Community
Pragmatic. Determined. Finance obsessed. A country girl at heart, she knows the fastest route from dream to reality is a good plan.

Gemma loves helping women trade up from money fears to financial confidence. She’s a seasoned financial adviser with 15 years including 5 years at QSuper. Today she shares her passion as our fierce financial coach and on-the-road commentator. And while she loves a good plan, she knows flexibility and fun are vital if it’s going to stick.

Gemma makes it looks easy(ish) balancing her love for career, family, travel, saving and good handbags. A whiz at flipping houses, her awesome eye for design is matched only by her beady eye for spotting a great bargain. Why would you pay full price?

Determined to make sure Aussie women have the confidence to jump in the driver’s seat on the way to a bright financial future, Gemma’s testing that idea ‘in the wild.’ Travelling over the country in a campervan with 2 small kids, she’s sharing her money wins, fails and insights with us all.

Tori Rudolph
Tori RudolphSales & Marketing
Engineer. Dancer. Math freak. This youngster with an old soul is the quintessential problem-solver.

After a successful international career as a professional contemporary dancer, Tori has switched gears, leaning into her other passions; finance and social justice. Currently studying a Bachelor of Business with Majors in Finance, IT and Econometrics, Tori fits perfectly into the Super Fierce team with an equal passion for champagne and anything pink. Prior to this, Tori began studying Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Sydney, making her the perfect bridge between the tech, marketing and product teams.

As a young adult, Tori has a deep drive to help other young women to recognise the extreme importance of taking control of their finances at an early age – all while having an equally deep drive to have fun and drink margaritas along the way.

Lisa Tilse
Lisa TilseCommunications & Design
Maker. Creator. Dreamer of dreams. Lisa lived and breathed human centred design before it was a thing.

Lisa is the creative genius behind our designs, social media and marketing. A self-confessed life long finance refugee, she’s also the resident guinea pig who lets us know when we’re not making sense. Thanks to her, you won’t see too many bar charts and graphs! Or if you do, she will have made sure they look fabulous and tell the story clearly.

Calm, yet quietly feisty (it’s a rare skill), Lisa juggles multiple roles as a devoted single Mum, creator of lifestyle blog We Are Scout, artist, writer, designer and content creator.

Fifi FierceBot
Fifi FierceBotCustomer Support
Fashionista. Prankster. Party Girl. She’s the best type of nerdy-know-it-all.

Fifi is our 24hr go-to-girl. Yeah baby, she’s always open (not like that!). She lives on the Super Fierce webpage 24/7 and has all the answers to your questions. Well, maybe not all of them – but anything to do with super and Super Fierce.

Now, she’s not a licensed financial adviser, so she can only help with general info. But you can always count on her to be the last one standing on a night out!

She’s an A-lister in the Bot world. And with a background in IT, Fashion and Customer Relations (she should be in sales cos she tells us she’s also a self- certified sommelier), this sassy bot with brains is going places.

The Goodies.

This is our trusted tribe of advisors who share their brains, hearts, inspiration and endless-energy so we can lead from in front, but with our feet planted firmly on the ground.

Sarah Gun
Sarah Gun The Crusader
Crusader. Disruptor. Thought Leader.

Sarah is a dynamo of heart-fuelled purpose, determined in her quest to create a kinder, safer and more inclusive world for everyone. Her entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity and desire to match innovation with social impact have made Sarah an award-winning social enterprise leader across the country.

Pocket sized and bubbling with fierce love, Sarah will ensure the Fierce Impact dollars help the women who need it most.

André Eikmeier
André Eikmeier The Storyteller
Brand visionary. Adventurer. Storyteller.

André is a thought leader on purpose, culture, growing tribes and being human. André is a true believer. A man who stands for something. A man who believes business can do better; be better.

Champion of our mission. Advocate for impact. Andre is passionate about growing our community and making lives easier.

Rhys Hayes
Rhys Hayes The Futurist
Day dreamer. Time traveler. Digital futurist.

Dynamic, innovative and a life-long entrepreneur, Rhys is a renowned, expert digital innovator. One of the original founding team members, his influence can be found in each and every turn you will take though our digital experience.

With a heart as big as his ideas are brilliant, Rhys is a passionate advocate for the women and indigenous people of Australia.