Financial Services Guide.

Corporate Authorised Representative

Super Fierce Pty Ltd (ABN 22 632 423 575,
corporate authorised representative number 001283307)


BR Advice Pty Ltd (ABN 30 612 056 523,
AFSL 488655)

Preparation Date

20th September 2021

This Financial Services Guide has been authorised for distribution by authorising licensee:
BR Advice Pty Ltd.

Lack of independence
BR Advice Pty Ltd may receive fees and commissions from products or product providers. As BR Advice Pty Ltd is the licensee of SuperFierce, we are not able to refer to ourselves as ‘independent’, ‘impartial’ or ‘unbiased’.

1. Who are we?

Super Fierce Pty Ltd is a personal wealth platform designed to empower Australians with financial knowledge, tools and services. Our goal is to make it easier for you to make informed decisions about your financial situation. We always strive to provide clear information in language you understand, which is easy to find, and available exactly when you need it.

2. What is a Financial Services Guide?

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) helps you to understand and decide if you wish to use the financial services we are able to offer you. It provides you with information about Super Fierce (“Authorised Representative, us, our, we”) and our authorising licensee, BR Advice Pty Ltd (“Licensee”) and its Australian Financial Services Licence (“AFSL”). We are the providing entity and an authorised representative of the Licensee.

This FSG sets out:

  • Who we and the Licensee are, and how we can be contacted
  • What services we are authorised to provide to you
  • How we provide those services
  • When and how we are paid
  • How we and the Licensee will deal with complaints should they arise

We may provide you with personal advice that takes into account your needs, financial situation and circumstances. Where we provide you with personal advice, we will provide you with a Statement of Advice (“SOA”). The SOA outlines our advice and the basis on which the advice was given. It also outlines relevant information about us, and the fees and charges associated with our advice.  You might be tempted to skim the SOA, but you shouldn’t. Please don’t! It’s packed full of important information which you need to know. And we’ve worked hard to make sure it’s beautiful, relevant, easy to navigate and understand.

If we provide further personal advice, you may request a record of the further advice that is provided to you (that is, if you haven’t already been provided with it). You can also contact us, using the details in this FSG, within seven years from when the advice is provided to request this record.

Occasionally we provide general advice. If we provide you with general advice, it may not be appropriate to your needs, financial situation, or objectives, and you should consider your circumstances before choosing to proceed with our advice. Additionally, you should obtain and read the applicable Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) (if one is available) before making a decision.

The Licensee has arrangements in place to maintain professional indemnity insurance. This insurance satisfies the requirements under section 912B of the Corporations Act 2001.

Please retain this FSG for your reference and any future dealings with us. We may also add documents later which will also form part of this FSG. These documents will include the word ‘FSG’ in the heading and should be read together with the FSG.

3. Why am I receiving this FSG?

Because you are interested in one of our services, we want to ensure you understand our services and have all the information you need to decide if you wish to use the financial services we are able to offer you.

4. So, who will be providing the Financial Services to you?

We know this might seem boring. But knowledge is power and we know you can handle the truth! It’s important that you know who is working on your behalf, what to expect, and your rights.

  • Super Fierce (that’s us!) is the company which will provide you with a free Fierce Super Savings Report and Statement of Advice. If you choose to make a change to your superannuation, we also provide a paid superannuation consolidation service (we call it our Super Concierge Service)
  • The Licensee, BR Advice Pty Ltd, is responsible for the financial services that we provide to you, along with the content and distribution of this FSG

We and the Licensee act on your behalf when we provide financial services to you. You can also turn to us or the Licensee for support if you have any concerns with our service delivery.

The Licensee’s contact details are as follows:

Licensee details: BR Advice Pty Ltd ABN 30 612 056 523
AFSL number: 488655
Address: Level 16, 414 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
Phone: 03 8682 1111

Our contact details are as follows:

Authorised Representative: Super Fierce Pty Ltd ABN 22 632 423 575, Authorised Representative number 001283307

Address: 6 Middlemiss Street, Lavender Bay, NSW 2060

You can provide instructions to us by contacting us using the above details.

5. What services and products are we authorised to provide to you?

What we can and will do

We are authorised to provide retail and wholesale clients with personal advice in relation to superannuation products including existing superannuation holdings, other superannuation products, making superannuation contributions and other areas related to superannuation which we think you should consider. We can also arrange to deal in relation to superannuation.

We are also authorised to provide retail and wholesale clients with general financial product advice in relation to life insurance.

What we can’t do (and therefore won’t!)

In providing you with our services, other financial matters may arise, such as which specific products to invest in, within your superannuation fund. However, we are not authorised to provide advice relating to those financial issues, or any other issues except those explained above. We recommend that you seek specific advice from the appropriate professionals if these issues are relevant to you.

6. When and how do we get paid?

Super Fierce is not a superannuation fund. We don’t push products or earn commissions on the products we share with you. We also don’t earn advertising revenue. This is very important as we are committed to providing you with relevant information and non-conflicted advice. Below we explain what we do for you, how our fees work, and also when and how we get paid.

Free Report and SOA

Our Fierce Super Savings Report (“Report”) is 100% fee and obligation free. This also applies to the information contained in the SOA which will be provided to you at the same time as the Report. Our goal is to provide you with deep insights into your superannuation without any pressure to make changes. It’s our gift to get you started on the path to a fierce financial future. If you decide you want to follow our advice and make a change, we would love to help you by managing that process. We charge a fee for using our Super Concierge Service.

Service Fee

If you decide to follow the advice set out in our SOA and make a change to your superannuation using our Super Concierge Service, we will charge you a Service Fee. It is the only payment we receive from anyone and it is all you need to pay. We receive no payments from the providers of any products. And we don’t have any other relationships that may create a conflict of interest or potentially influence our advice to you.

Because our goal is to help all as many people as possible (not just the lucky ones with big bank balances) we built a model which makes this possible. It’s our modern-day Robin Hood approach to pricing. So how does this work?

Your fee is based on:

  • How much you have in super today; and
  • How you’re tracking compared to the typical person of your age and gender

We do this because we want our service to be affordable and fair for everyone. If you have less than the Australian Bureau of Statistics determines is typical for someone like you, we discount our fee by an additional 50%.

Super Concierge Service Fees

Your current super balance Service Fee Discounted Service Fee
If you have less than $10,000 Free Free
If you have between $10,000 and $20,000 $495 $245
If you have between $20,000 and $40,000 $995 $495
If you have more than $40,000 in super today $1,995 $995

We show you exactly how much you would pay, based on your personal situation, in your Report and the SOA. That way you can decide if it’s worth it before you make any commitment to use our Super Concierge Service.

Notes for legally minded or otherwise very picky:

  • If you happen to have exactly $10,000.00, we will charge nil; exactly $20,000.00, we will charge $495 or exactly $40,000.00, we’ll charge $995
  • The 50% discount is actually slightly more than 50% – between $10,000 and $20,000 the discounted fee is $245 (50.5% discount); between $20,000 and $40,000, the discounted fee is $495 (50.3% discount); and above $40,000, the discounted fee is $995 (50.1% discount).
  • For those with super balances below what is determined as typical for someone of the same age and gender. We use “Median” to define “typical”, not “Mean”.
  • Where the Service Fee is nil, we do not donate the $100 to Fierce Impact (but you are welcome to make a voluntary donation!)

Other Benefits

Our directors and employees are remunerated by salary only. Shareholders may also receive a benefit based on our ongoing company performance which is determined by total Service Fees paid, less the costs of providing our services and running Super Fierce.

Do Good Dollars

If you decide to make a change to your superannuation using our Super Concierge Service, we will donate $100 to help Aussie women in need. Those dollars are taken from our revenue and do not impact your savings or the cost of our service.

If you would like to know more about how we are remunerated, please send your question to our team via email within a reasonable time of receiving this FSG

7. Do any other people earn money when you engage with us?

Third Parties

At the time of writing, we do not have any third-party referral agreements in place. However, in future we may choose to partner with businesses, groups or individuals who believe that Super Fierce is able to help its community members. In that case, there may be a referral fee paid. The fee will be paid from our revenue and will not impact the amount that you will be charged. We will also disclose that to you before offering our services.

BR Advice, our Licensee

BR Advice and the AFSL it holds is managed by employees of BlueRock Private Wealth with assistance from external compliance consultants. Blue Rock Private Wealth is a Corporate Authorised Representative of BR Advice.  BR Advice does not pay management or other fees to Blue Rock Private Wealth. The Licensee’s shareholders will receive a benefit based on the Licensee’s ongoing company performance. The Licensee earns a flat monthly fee for providing us with authorisation as an Authorised Representative. This cost is factored into our business model and does not impact the fees you pay to us.

Additional Information

You can request more detail about how these groups are or might be remunerated within a reasonable time of receiving this FSG and before any financial services are provided to you. If remuneration or other benefits are calculable at the time personal advice is given, it will be disclosed at the time that personal advice is given, or as soon as practicable afterwards. If remuneration is not calculable at that time, a statement of how the remuneration is calculated will be given to you at the time the advice is given or as soon as practicable afterwards.

Wrapping it all up – what this means for you!

By using or continuing to use our services, you agree that:

  1. All fees and charges received by us as described in this FSG (other than third party fees and charges) are a benefit given to us by you, in exchange for the services we provide to you
  2. We may donate a part of the fees and charges we receive to Fierce Impact because it has no impact on your superannuation savings or the cost of our service
  3. You understand you can choose to pay for our Super Concierge Service in two ways; 1. By credit card in which case we form our recommendations from all open funds in the market; or 2. From your super in which case we anlayse all funds but only form recommendations based on super funds which enable this form of payment.
  4. You understand your options and the implications of each, and consent to, authorise and direct us to execute our service and charge you in this way based on your instructions.

8. What should you do if you have a complaint?

We get out of bed every day to make life easier for people in Australia, including women in need. So we will always strive to do our best. But we know we aren’t perfect. So, if we let you down in any way, we want to know and see what we can do to improve.

If you have a complaint, please contact us at and the Complaints Manager of our Licensee using any of the contact details at the start of this FSG.  We will try and resolve your complaint quickly, fairly and within prescribed time frames. If the complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction within 30 days, you have the right to refer the matter to The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) which is an external complaints service, of which the Licensee is a member. You can contact the AFCA on 1800 931 678 (if in Australia) or +61 1800 931 678 (if outside Australia) or in writing at GPO Box 3, Melbourne, Vic, 3001, Australia. You can also contact AFCA through its website: