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Sisterhood is snort laughing over one too many wines. It’s long lunches and road trips and always having someone to go to the bathroom with. It’s being vulnerable. Open hearts and angry tears. It’s knowing that, even though we’re different in so many ways, someone always has your back. Unconditional love. Unwavering support. It’s building each other up. It’s getting it done, even though it’s bloody hard. It’s coming together. To learn, to share, to inspire. It’s knowing that if your sisters are doing well, the world does well.

So, get curious. Learn something new. Share it with your sisters, your brothers, your children, your lovers. Get inspired. Get creative. Get making. Get doing.

Now, get out there and kick money’s butt.

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Real Stories | Juanita Mathews

An independent woman in her early 40s, Juanita has a love/hate relationship with money. She wasn't thinking about super during her fun filled 20s and globe trotting 30s.

Our CEO’s own (not so) super story

Just as doctors’ kids tend to be sick and plumbers’ homes have dripping taps, ‘money people’ don’t always do what they should either. That was certainly true for me when it came to my super. This is my shameful story.

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